Miscellaneous Information:

«Claude Remy, born in Lausanne in 1953, and Yves Remy, born in the same city in 1956, began to open new rock climbing routes in 1970. Since then they have made first ascents totalling around 15000 pitches, establishing these routes for other climbers.

With their legendary sense for climbing lines and their never-flagging passion, the Remy brothers have opened and outfitted thousands of new climbing routes all across Europe, especially in Switzerland and Greece. They have become trailblazers in the emergence of rock climbing as a popular sport.

Alpine areas like the Grimsel, the Salbit, Schlossberg, the Wendenstöcke, Engstlenalp, Fieschertal, Sanetsch, L’Argentine and Verdon carry the Remys’ signature, as do St Loup in the Vaudois Jura and Kalymnos and Leonidio in Greece. Many Remy routes have become classics. As the authors of guidebooks and works on the history of mountaineering (Miroir de l’Argentine, Gastlosen and Jura) they continue to contribute to making climbing a well-known and well-loved sport.»

Albert Mountain Award 2016